Delivery Information


  • Most orders will be processed and shipped within 24-48 hrs of receiving confirmed order and successful payment by the customer. Actual delivery at your location may take 2-3 business days generally. In exceptional cases, there may be additional delays possible due to some unavoidable circumstances, natural calamity, riots or other unknown reasons. In such cases, customer will be attempted to be informed by available means of communication about any such delays. However, such delays happen rarely.
  • In case, there are certain items not available or out of stock, a delay in shipment is expected or cannot be shipped for some reason, customer will be informed via email or available phone number about the same before shipment is dispatched.
  • Delivery of goods will be handed over at customer's doorstep or a nearby convenient location, in case, the delivery address is located in an area where delivery vehicle cannot reach conveniently. In such cases, customer will be informed of nearby location where goods can be picked up from the delivery vehicle.
  • Customer will be informed prior to delivery is attempted via SMS or Phone. It is customer's responsibility to ensure availability of a responsible person at delivery address so goods can be delivered. In case, no one is available to accept the delivery then customer will have to pickup goods from nearby pickup location.
  • An SMS will be sent to customer when delivery is scheduled. It will contain a security code that will be required to be handed over to delivery person in order to hand over goods at delivery location. Without this security code delivery may not be possible.
  • We make every attempt to ensure highest degree of customer satisfaction in delivery, however, if you feel any inconveniece in your orders delivery please feel free to write us at We will make our best efforts to improve and ensure your suggestions are addressed.